Skateboarding Lessons at 100 Percent Skateclub

At 100% Skate Club we get asked all the time if we give lessons. At this time, we don’t give formal skateboarding lessons. We’re a mentorship club where more experienced skaters help out those who want to try new things or need help with hand holding when doing things like dropping in. Many times parents of our younger skaters also follow our example and help out.

We do give skateboarding clinics and more formal instruction at our annual What Flamingo events. At What Flamingo we bring in pro and semi-pro skaters to teach our beginner and intermediate skaters.

What Flamingo will be held on June 21-23 this year. So save the date!


If you can’t wait for June, or want small group or one-to-one skateboarding lessons, here are a few places to check out in Calgary:

  • The Park by Youth Brigade – This brand new indoor skatepark for youth, is opening in June 2019. The Park will offer private and small group lessons, plus summer camps. Youth Brigade has been a supporter of 100% Skate Club since our first season and they will be celebrating their 5th Anniversary later this year.
  • The Compound — All-ages indoor skatepark. Private lessons for adults and kids, as well as school break and summer camps for kids. Full and half-day options available. This camp is designed for kids age 4 to 17 and space is limited, so register early! The Compound also has drop-in skate sessions year round.
  • The City of Calgary Parks – The city offers summer children’s skateboarding day camps. More info on the City of Calgary website.

Skateboarding lessons are not necessary for everyone. It’s kind of like riding a bike. If you have someone to teach you the basics, and hold you up for the first couple of practice sessions, you can probably learn to ride your bike. Skateboarding lessons are a good start, especially if you don’t have parents or friends that skate.


The advantage of taking skateboarding lessons is that you get a set time and space to learn with skaters who are beginners like you. That way you don’t have to compete with all the rippers at the skatepark. That can sometimes be very intimidating, especially if you’re young.

But also remember with skateboarding, you have to put in the time. It takes hours and hours of practice to become a good skateboarder. So if you see someone trying that trick over and over again, remember they’re also having fun! Any time on your board is a good time. It will always put a smile on your face whether you’re a total beginner or a pro.