calgary women skateboarding

First 16 Plus Skate Sesh

This past Saturday was our first 16+ age group skate sesh. It reminded me of the very early days of 100% Skate Club, when we had no children in the club.

About a quarter of the 13 skater girls were new to the club. A couple had never been to a skatepark before, so they were happy to be with a group of other skater women.

woman skateboarding calgaryIt was a beautiful morning, and we had a super fun sesh. We got to know each other in this non-competitive accepting atmosphere, as we helped each other out with some new tricks and moves.

It’s always fun to see the progression our members make even during their first session, especially when they get caught up in the stoke and do things like dropping in for the first time.

I don’t think I was that brave on my first time out, but I’ll never forget the support and encouragement of other skater women around me when it did happen.

This group is somewhat self-directed so we welcome ideas and input from everyone in it. So far we’re planning a few Saturday road trips and will likely start by heading out to Canmore and Banff in the summer months.

If you’re 16 or over and would like to join in with this smaller group of older skaters, keep an eye on our calendar for the next session. All abilities of skateboarders are welcome to join.