2020 Skate Season Update

We miss you all and can’t wait to skate again in the near future. We want to communicate our current position with 100% meet up sessions for June. We have decided to continue to postpone any 100% sessions due to these challenges:

  • Maintaining 2 meters physical distance at skateparks
  • No hand wash options
  • We can’t assist people with helping hands for drop-ins, getting in/out of the bowls
  • If an injury occurs the challenges with offering first aid
  • We usually encourage parents to stay monitor their child during sessions, however due to keeping gathering of 50 people or less at skateparks, we ask parents to remain outside the fences, lawn chair in the green space outside the skatepark is encouraged and appreciated

We take the safety of our members to heart and want to lead by example with the current Alberta Health recommendations.

Our hopeful plan is to resume 100% sessions in July, they will look different from previous years. These are the ideas we’re currently considering for the summer:

  • a sign up sheet for attendance (15 skaters max)
  • waivers filled out online before the session
  • beginner and intermediate skaters on separate days
  • meeting outside skateparks, possibly in empty parking lots or less busy bike paths

We’re also supporting the recommendations of Canada Skateboard. You can read them here.

We will communicate the details of these possible changes as they develop. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please email us: 100percentskateclub@gmail.com

In the interim, Marlene and Erica are still at the skateparks (mostly in the NW), we are stoked to see girls out shredding! We encourage you to get on your deck, skate your driveway, your block, your neighbourhood, that secret spot and/or visit your local parks! Say hello to others skater girls you meet! Ask them if they skate with 100%? Make new friends and above all else have fun, skate safe, respect the rules!

Our Zine will be released on June 21: Go-Skate-Day! If there is an opportunity to do a 100% skate path session for Go-Skate-Day we will keep you updated as it unfolds…

Smiles, Cheers and Love from 100%