100% Skate Club Zine

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As a way to stay connected and engaged during this world pandemic we thought it would be a perfect time to showcase women’s unique perspectives about the skate scene. 

Skateboarding artwork, in its many forms, is all part of our collective skate culture. As women and girls we have our own interpretation of what we see and experience. It’s not all rails and stairs in front of downtown office towers — although we dig that stuff too.

This collection of art and design spans the country and the age groups of our 100% Skate Club community. 

Full list of contributors and contact info at the bottom of this post.

Since 2015 we have been building community, connecting with, and inspiring other women and girls to jump on a skateboard, no matter what their experience level is. 2020 marks our first year operating officially as a non-profit organization. 

Even beginner skaters feel the stoke. That feeling stays with you with every new trick you learn, with every new skate spot you hit, and with every new skater girl you meet. 

If you have never tried skateboarding but want to, hit up your local skate shop and ask them if there is a girls crew in your area. Yes, we get it! It’s super hard to do that– to take that first scary step. I did it myself at age 50. Even walking into the store was nerve wracking. 

Skateboarding is super risky, both physically and mentally, but there’s something about pushing through our barriers that makes us grow into strong women and girls, ready to take on any challenge life has for us. 

Every time I hear the clackity clack of a skateboard going down a sidewalk my heart skips a beat. I strain to see who it is, hoping it’s a skater girl that I know. If you see a woman or girl skating, especially if they are alone, they might want someone to skate with. So break the barrier, smile and say hello. Chances are good that they will be relieved. It’s how we’ve built our 100% Skate Club community– one smile at a time. 

With Covid-19, we need to be extra vigilant and skate safe and socially distant for a while yet. Stay tuned to our social media and our website for 2020 season updates. 

We hope you enjoy our first ever zine! Thank you so much to Josee Palacio for taking on the huge job of layout and design. You rock! 

Cover of our zine by Abigail Shaw

Update: In July 2020, Stephen from the Delburne (AB) Ghost Ryders club, and Shelly and Brian from S&B Image Design sponsored a print version of our zine. With their generous donations of cash, pre-press expertise and their time, we were able to print 150 copies. The zine was so popular, we soon ran out of copies.

Here are the artists who contributed to this project. Give them a follow on Insta and tell them you saw their work in our 100% Skate Club Zine.

  • Abigail Sanders – @ajdrawsquid
  • Alyson Fournier-Montalvo – @freaking_aylson
  • Andi Hutchinson – @soupysam
  • Ava Djan – @24hourpopup
  • Christine & Isla Graven – @isla_graven
  • Claudia Bambi – @turbobambi & @louiseonwheels
  • Darby Arens – @darbyarensart
  • Dipp Tsai Pei Hsuan 
  • Emilia Sherban – @setoshreds
  • Erica Jacobs – @100percentskateclub
  • Hannah Prive – @hannah.kp
  • Jen Scheirer
  • Jenaya Ross – @jen.aya
  • Josee Palacio – @joseepalaciohuete
  • Kim Murphy – @liloandpinta
  • Lauren Wolfe – @theanxiousartist
  • Marlene Hielema – @imagemaven
  • Mariah Mandarino
  • Mia Rushton – @miarushton
  • Morgan Read
  • Neko Serpico – @n_s_art_
  • Nikki Montilla – @hideout.project
  • Oli Abrahamowicz – @oli.abra
  • Rachel Kolodychuk 
  • Ruby Lastiwka – @chicken.saalad
  • Talia Kaufman – @skateistan