Introducing your 100% Skate Club Board of Directors

In late 2019, 100% Skate Club was approved as a Non-Profit Organization. We had an open invitation to our brainstorming meeting on February 18, and in that meeting we discussed our past successes, and ideas for the future. It was great to see everyone after a long winter, and to get people’s input for season six.

We also had six people volunteer to be on our board.

Brainstorming session attendees
Here are the folks who attended our brainstorming session.

We had our first board meeting on April 20, 2020.

Our 2020 100% Skate Club Board Members are:

President – Erica Jacobs

Vice President – Marlene Hielema

Secretary/Treasurer – Peggy Seto

Membership Coordinator – Sharalee Hazen

Events and 16+ Session Coordinator – Cassie Paul

Beginner Session Support – Ginny Laverty

As well as their formal roles, all the board members will be helping out in various capacities as-needed throughout the skate season.

Crystal DeCnodder and her team at Full Blast Creative will continue to provide our 100% website, and social media marketing services.

Read the board member bios here.

There are always extra needs that come up during the skate sessions, and anyone can feel free to jump in and lend a hand in the moment. That includes helping out a beginner with the basics, holding hands when people are dropping in, or just keeping tabs on the safety of our littlest members.

And of course, at our large events we could always use extra help. We encourage parents of skaters, and our seasoned members, to participate in our community in this way. No need to be formally invited, but we may occasionally tap you on the shoulder to see if you’re available to help.

Thank you to all who have stepped up to help run 100% Skate Club, now and in the past seasons.

Fingers crossed that we can all meet up to skate again soon.